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This website is managed by the Mission Structure Portugal Digital (PORTUGAL DIGITAL), created by Resolution of the Portuguese Council of Ministers No. 31/2020, of 21 April, under the jurisdiction of the Portuguese Minister of State for the Economy and the Digital Transition, and it is subject to the current Terms of Use. As a User, you should read them carefully before using this website.

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1. Accepting the Terms of Use

PORTUGAL DIGITAL reserves the right to make amendments to the current Terms of Use whenever necessary. Whenever changes are made to the Terms of Use, a notice will be presented, when accessing the website or an email will be sent, and a request for acceptance of the new Terms of Use. Without this acceptance, you will not be able to continue to access and use the website. Changes made to the Terms of the Use will not be applicable retroactively and will take effect on the day of their publication

The date of the latest update will be clearly stated at the top of the web page.

As a User, you may review the current Terms of Use at any moment using the link displayed at the bottom of the website’s web pages.

The Terms of Use defined herein only apply to the use of this website and are therefore not applicable to any external websites whose links are provided here. These links are supplied for the sole purpose of offering additional information and for the User’s convenience.

PORTUGAL DIGITAL cannot be held responsible for any errors, outdated information or damages that might arise from accessing and/or using these external websites or applications, as it does not have any control over them. Users are solely responsible for accessing and using any websites run by third parties.

2. Website's Scope

This website was created for Portugal’s Leading the Digital Decade event under the umbrella of the Presidency of the Council of the European Union in 2021, which is taking place on the1st and 2nd of June 2021. Its purpose is to provide information and forms of interaction related to the aforementioned initiative.

Please be aware that any content and any forms of interaction presented on this website are solely informative and operational, and therefore do not constitute, under any circumstance or pretext, a contractual relationship with the User.

3. Your Conduct When Using this Website

The User must use this website responsibly, must not compromise the continuity, integrity and quality of its resources and functionalities, nor interfere with the rights and/or ability of other Users to use this website.

It is strictly forbidden to use this website for the purpose of making available or sharing any illegal content, not least because this practice is a criminal offence, especially against minors.

Displaying any information or content belonging to third parties, or for which the User does not hold the rights of use, such as content protected under third party copyright or content containing third party personal data, is not permitted.

It is expressly forbidden to use the website to provide or transfer any type of material, files or programs which may interrupt, destroy or limit the functionality of the website or of any other equipment.

For information about the way in which we process your personal data, please check our “Privacy Notice”.

4. Data Sharing

With the exception of the entities we outsource to operate this website, PORTUGAL DIGITAL will not share any data you supply with third parties, except under the terms included in the GDPR. For more information, please check our “Privacy Notice”.

5. External Links

This website contains links to third party websites for which PORTUGAL DIGITAL is not responsible. We do not take any responsibility for the content and functionalities of the aforementioned websites, and their use is subject to their own terms of use and privacy statements, and we recommend that you read these.

6. Intellectual Property

This website, as well as all the elements contained therein, namely any texts, images, videos, logos and symbols presented (“content”), are owned by PORTUGAL DIGITAL, or their rights were licensed or granted to PORTUGAL DIGITAL. Therefore, the User does not have the right to use them for any purposes other than the ones included in the current Terms of Use.

The website and respective content are protected under intellectual property rights, copyright, industrial property rights and by the Law on Cybercrime; therefore, you are obliged to respect them, and may not reproduce, display, modify or sell them, by any means, without prior written consent from PORTUGAL DIGITAL.

The User may, however, print any excerpt of material contained within this website, as long as the content is not modified, is destined for personal, not commercial use, contains the source of the content and as long as any other indication of ownership or copyright is not removed.

7. Disclaimer

PORTUGAL DIGITAL will make every effort to provide current, comprehensive and accurate information on this website.

However, and to the extent permitted by law, PORTUGAL DIGITAL will not accept any responsibility for any consequences related directly or indirectly to any action or omission on the part of the User based on the information and content available on this website.

8. Warranty Disclaimer

PORTUGAL DIGITAL cannot guarantee uninterrupted, secure or error-free access to this website, or that any errors will be fixed. As a User, you accept that any material or information obtained will be used at your own risk, and that you are responsible for any damage that might be caused to your software system or loss of data that may result from downloading this type of material and/or information.

The User is solely responsible for ensuring that any viruses and any other security breaches. In addition, the User should be aware that if the appropriate security measures are not adopted, there is an increased risk that your data, passwords and devices may be accessed by third parties.

9. Final Provisions

If you have any questions regarding the current Terms of Use, please send us your query using the following contact details:

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Telephone: (+351 21 791 1600) Email: [email protected]

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